Handmade Indian Arts

Originally, fetishes were thought to house a spirit of the animal they represented. The special qualities of this animal would bring the owner luck, power, or protection. Today, the popularity of thse small stone carvings has made them an art form. Collecting them can be a search for inspiration, an apprectiation of nature and craftsmanship, or even a source of joy.

Prices from $14 to $250.

These wonderful figures are inspired by the tradition of storytelling among the Pueblo Indians. The storytellers and the children listening express joy, humor and suprise, making this a quaint and appealing work of art. Each piece is completely handmade and signed by the individual artist.

Prices from $50 to $280.

Kachinas are wooden dolls carved in the likeness of a supernatural being. Primarily these beings are Hopi in origin. They represent the spiritual guides who help the tribe with hunting, harvesting, and daily concerns. Some represent animals or good spirits. Some are playful, some serious. These dolls were given to Hopi children to teach them about each Kachinas place in their lives. All our kachinas are hand carved and painted by the Hopi or Navajo.

Prices from $20 to $450.

Beadwork is a traditional art of many tribes. The patterns used represent aspects of nature and daily life. We carry beadwork by the Sioux and Navajo - hatbands, barettes, bracelets, necklaces, and earrings.

Prices from $10 to $100.

Besides the above catagories, we also carry a bit of Pueblo pottery, miniature horsehair baskets, and Navajo rugs from time to time. Please inquire for more details.

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