Indian Souvenirs

Kokopelli-This humpback flute player is found on petroglyphs in the southwest. According to legend, he traveled from village to village bringing music, seeds and prosperity to the tribe. We carry many items with his image-from jewelry to pottery to figurines.

Dreamcatchers-Dreamcatchers were used by many Native American tribes to protect a person from bad dreams. The good dreams would go through the center hole and slip gently down the feather to the person sleeping. Bad dreams would then be caught in the web and evaporate by the morning sun. Sizes 2" to 15". Prices from $6 to $25.

Cherokee Toys
These toys have been made for years in America by Native Americans. Our selection includes tomahawks, vests, peace pipes, bow & arrow sets, headdresses, drums, boomerangs, and canteens.

Affordably priced from $5 to $18.

Minnetonka Moccasins
Famous for their thunderbird beaded toe moccasins, this company has kept up with tradition and style since 1946. We carry many designs for infants through adults.

Prices range from $15 to $60 for mocassins, $20 to $120 for sheepskin slippers and boots. Contact us for a catalog.

Although we do carry a few Navajo rugs for our collectors, we also have Mexican woven rugs at an affordable price. The designs are varied and typically southwestern, with beautiful colors.
Many sizes are available.

Mexican rug prices from $5 to $45.

Leanin' Tree
Leanin' Tree is known for their beautiful artwork and verses. We primarily carry their Native American themed works on posters, magnets, greeting cards, and Christmas cards.

Our selection of books offers inspiration, research material, craft ideas, and information on Native American cultures. Several children's books are available as well.

Prices from $5 to $30.

With its haunting melodies and soothing tone, Native American flute music transports you to another time and place. Often accompanied by guitar, orchestra, or sounds of nature, this music will enchant you. Carlos Nakai, Kevin Locke, Alice Gomez, and Joanne Shenandoah are among the artists we represent.

Cassettes or CD's available.

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